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Work Injury - WSIB Claims

According to the 2006 National Work Injuries Statistics Program, 83,179 people were injured on the job in Ontario.

Total Physio’s Clinics are WSIB Community Approved. We offer a wide range of professional interdisciplinary healthcare assistance for people injured on the job.

We also have several WSIB Compensated Programs of Care specifically designed for workplace injury rehabilitation:

  • Acute Low Back Program
  • Upper Extremity Program
  • Physical Conditioning
  • Work Hardening

If you have experienced a work injury, firstly inform your workplace management and fill out all necessary documentation. You must seek the referral of a doctor to start your physiotherapy rehabilitation. After you have received a WSIB approval for healthcare, you can come into one of our clinics for an initial assessment.

Remember, if you have been injured and chose to decline treatment, injuries may arise later in life after being aggravated by stress or another injury. It’s important to see a Physiotherapist or Doctor of Chiropractic right away to promote a positive recovery and prevent re-injury at a later date.

 Visit www.wsib.on.ca for more information.