» Staff : Kaz Kusmierczak P.T, R.Ac. MSc. P.Ed.


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Kaz Kusmierczak P.T, R.Ac. MSc. P.Ed.

Kaz Kusmierczak, senior %Physiotherapist (P.T.)%, owner and founder of TOTAL PHYSIO Clinics and Clinical Director for ove 20 years, has 39 years of extensive experience in the physical therapy, acupuncture and rehabilitation field.

In April 2014 Kaz is grandparented by the new College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and  Acupuncturists of Ontario as Acupuncturist (R.Ac.).

Kaz Kusmierczak is holding a number of professional postgraduated diplomas:

   Certified Acupuncturist (CAFCI)  by Acupuncture Foundation of Canada

    Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMPT)

   Certified Mulligan Practitioner (CMP)

   Certified Shockwave Therapist by Swiss Dolorclast Academy

   Advanced Training in Vestibular (Dizziness and Balance) Rehabilitation

   Certified Complete Concussion Management Practitioner

Kaz has also had extensive postgraduate training in various areas of physiotherapy ,physical modalities,  medical / therapeutic exercise therapy and soft tissue treatment techniques in Poland, Germany and Canada.     Prior to owning and managing his own successful clinics, his employment experience consisted of working in hospitals, outpatient clinics and community care as a member of interdisciplinary teams. Kaz has been actively involved in teaching, consulting, ergonomics and medical legal assessments. In addition to running his busy clinics, he managed to find time to work alongside McMaster University by providing student-training programs to aspiring Physiotherapy students.