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Unique techniques

ATM2 Active Therapy Movement

Total Physio is a proud supporter of BackProject's ATM2 (Active Therapeutic Movement). 

The ATM2 enables personalized body repositioning by finding a unique, pain-free position for each user. Once this position is found, the systems stabilize the patient allowing specific neuromuscular training based on body movement isolation that aims to achieve and sustain an immediate pain reduction, increase in range of motion, and improved function.

How does the ATM2 work?

  • Based on the Mulligan concept you can normalize specific movement impairments by repositioning a particular joint related to the movement impairment.
  • Using the ATM2 you can simultaneously reposition (similar to Mulligan techniques) and compress  particular areas of the body to normalize most movement impairments. The patient will be in an upright weight bearing position that immediately and safely allows them to do fully resisted exercises in the direction and range of the previously impaired movement.
  • According to the ATM Concept, when you transition a painful movement to become pain-free, the CNS transitions from a pathological muscle activation pattern to a normal (pain-free) muscle activation pattern. Specific resisted movements, now pain-free, causes the CNS to memorize this pain-free muscle activation pattern.
  • The outcome is an immediate and significant reduction in back, neck, pelvis, shoulder, hip, and knee pain, in almost all musculo-skeletal patients.

All information above has been taken from the BackProject ATM2 website.

For more information on this innovative tool, please visit: www.backproject.com